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Vangsaa Consult is a consultancy where we help organizations with analysis, advice and compliance in a number of areas. Our work are often based on IT approch, where the task is to look at efficiency, digitisation or compliance in regards to EU legislation. 

At Vangsaa Consult we have a number of profiles employed which provides a wide range of services we can offer. Example of profiles is, legal advisors, DPO, IT architect, IT architects, Processconsultant, Management consulting and more. 

In our approch we work with a standards in order to insure our counceling is based on your organisatins needs and best practise. Standards we work with are ISO27001, ISO27701, ISAE3402, ISAE3000, ITIL, LEAN, ISO9000 and more. 

Below is a few of services.



Vangsaa Consult helps organisations develop and implement management and controlsystems for information security. In colloquial speech ISMS (Information Security Management System)

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GDPR - compliance

Support for implementation and getting in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. Would you like us to be your external DPO? Contact us for an informal meeting

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Audit and it-review

Companies often receive reports according to ISAE3000 and ISAE3402 from their suppliers. Get support for review and control. We can also contribute to establishment of an audit framework

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Supplier Management and Contract negotiation

Vangsaa Consult can contribute with both legal advice, technical knowledge and experience in designing IT contracts and data processor agreements

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Our customers say:

Flying Tiger Copenhagen

At Flying Tiger Copenhagen we have a strong focus on the safety of and around our IT systems. In this context, we needed support for the further development of our own safety and risk assessment framework. Among our criteria for the choice of Vangsaa Consult, was partly experience with ISO27001, IT operation and a pragmatic approach to the task.


Dansk Standard

Vangsaa Consult ApS has since 2019 participated in the development of (International/European) standards at Dansk Standard. We get knowledge of future market requirements – and get to set  prints of importance to our customers in accordance to, for example, ISO27001, ISO27701 and other related standards and guides. 


Dansk Telemedicin

At Dansk Telemedicin we provide IT systems to mainly the health sector, and Dansk Telemedicin needed to find an external DPO in this regard. Among our criteria for the selection, partly experience was combined with a pragmatic approach to the task of DPO. In the cooperation with Vangsaa Consult, we have been given a DPO with experience and opportunities for continuous sparring.