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Supplier Management and Contract negotiation

Vangsaa A/S can contribute with both legal advice, technical knowledge and experience when designing IT contracts and data processor agreements.

We contribute with knowledge and support to the preparation of a specific risk assessment, to ensure you place the right safety requirements on the supplier. The risk assessment is part of your documentation that you have required appropriate technical and organisational measures under Article 32 of the Danish Data Protection Law.

Based on the requirements of a supplier, we can also help with the setting up of the control and compliance framework to be used for follow-up after you have gone into operation.

Specifically, we have experience from both the financial sector and from the State with the procurement process, including negotiation with suppliers, setting up requirements and controls, data processing agreements, penalty/bonus elements compared to SLA, etc.

Support for annual control of IT suppliers

We are also happy to help review the agreements you already have, to establish a control framework that can be used to control your suppliers annually. Furthermore, we have the opportunity to carry out checks on your behalf on the basis of the control framework. This particular task is something the Danish Data Protection Agency recommends that you get an external part to handle, if you do not have the skills to audit and control its suppliers within the company.